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**NOTE: A refundable deposit of $75 is added to rental cost. Prices do not include the $75 deposit. The deposit is returned within 2-5 business days after inspection and pick up of rented item.**

 We accept all major credit cards!

Prices include delivery , set up & pick up!

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Call or text (936) WE-PARTY today to make your reservation!!

Obstacle Course Options

Obstacle Course Rental

40' Retro Obstacle Course

1 Day - $499 2 Days/Overnight- $649  

Ready to conquer the ultimate challenge? Get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping with this incredibly fun obstacle course!🤩 

Radical Run Obstacle Course.jpg

1 Day - $499 2 Days/Overnight - $649

If you're in the hunt for an obstacle course that will provide any event with a challenge to entertain guest. You've found what you're looking for!

40' Radical Run Obstacle Course

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