Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How do I make a reservation?
A.Call or text our reservation line at (936) WE-PARTY / (936) 937-2789.
Q.What is the difference between a "1 Day" and "2 Day/ Overnight" rental?
A.1 DAY RENTALS - are defined as an "average" rental time of 6 HOURS. Customers may request additional time if needed but MAY result in an additional cost. 1 Day rentals do NOT allow the customer to keep a jumper overnight.

2 DAYS/ OVERNIGHT RENTALS - are defined as a rental time of OVERNIGHT and a pick-up AFTER 12PM the 2nd day of rental.
Q.Can I cancel my reservation?
A. Yes. To receive a full refund of your reservation/security deposit, the reservation must be canceled more than 72 hours before scheduled delivery. Reservation/security deposits will NOT be refunded if the reservation is canceled within 72 hours of scheduled delivery. A cancelation due to severe inclement weather within 72 hours of delivery, will result in the deposit being held for a rain check. Customers have 90 days to use the rain check. Backyard Adventure Rentals reserves the right to cancel reservations at any time due to safety hazards. If we make the decision to cancel a reservation - customers will receive a full refund including the security deposit.
Q.Can I keep the jumper overnight?
A.Yes. We offer 2 DAYS/ OVERNIGHT rental options. This option offers customers to pay a little extra to keep the bouncer/slide over night and enjoy the fun for 2 days!
Q.How many children can use the jumpers?
A.Only compatible groups and sized jumpers should play in each unit at the same time. Max capacity for the jumpers: 8 years old & under = 9 children 9-12 years old = 6 children 13-17 years old = 3 to 4 children Adults = 3 adults
Q.Is there a required deposit?
A.Yes. To make a reservation a refundable deposit of $75 is required. This security deposit is refunded to your account within 2-5 business days after the inspection / pick up of rental items provided all terms and conditions were met during the rental period. If multiple items are rented, a deposit of $75 is required per item. Full invoice payment is expected to be made within 3 days of booking a reservation and prior to the event.
Q.Do you offer hourly rental?
A.No. We take the set up and cleaning of our jumpers serious! Due to the requirement to clean before each rental, hourly rentals are not feasible.
Q.What if it rains during my event?
A.If you cancel within 72 hours of delivery due to inclement weather, we will offer a rain check on your deposit that will be good for 90 days. Reservation/security deposits are nonrefundable within 72 hours of delivery. NOTE: If it rains AFTER delivery - there are no rain checks, refunds or discounts.
Q.Will the jumper blow away?
A.We use heavy duty 18" steel stakes when securing our jumpers. However, wind at times can be extremely powerful. If at any time during the rental period there is a concern for safety due to windy conditions - all jumpers should exit the jumper immediately, and deflate the jumper until the wind conditions return to normal.
Q.Do you provide quality customer service and rental equipment?
A.Absolutely!!! We pride ourselves on being the local 5 star option providing our customers the best rental service in the industry. All of our rental equipment is commercial grade and top quality. Check out our Google & Facebook reviews for yourself by clicking the link below.

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Q.What time do you deliver and pick up the jumper?
A.Delivery times vary depending on the customer's needs. For 1 day rentals, we deliver and set up the morning of your event and pick-up in the evenings on the same day. Please communicate any special requests to us when booking your reservation.
Q.Do you provide extension cords and/or water hoses?
A.Yes. All of our delivery trucks have extension cords and water hoses (for the wet rentals). Please ensure the set up area is within 100' of the electric and water source.
Q.How long does a jumper take to set up and take down?
A.It typically takes our crews 30-45 minutes to install and take down bounce houses. Combos and water slides take longer to set up due to the additional stakes and straps required for safety.
Q.Are your jumpers safe and clean?
A.Yes. The jumpers are cleaned after every rental. We inspect them upon set up to ensure your safety. We ask that any concerns regarding cleanliness and/or safety be reported to us within 1 hour of set up.
Q.How do I know that you will show up?
A.We contact each customer the day before delivery to confirm delivery times.
Q.Do you deliver to my area?
A.All of our prices include delivery within areas of Kent and Sussex County, Delaware. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding our delivery options/pricing.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: 302-321-2888

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